Different Motorcycles

Types of Motorcycles In India – Beginners Guide

Everyone wishes to explore the world on their bikes. It all begins with your first ever bike, the dreams, and the unforgettable journeys. Your first motorcycle is always a special one. The blue racer bike parked in your colony, your friend’s new Pulsar, or the one in black standing gracefully in the showroom, the bike of your dreams can be everywhere. You will notice many types of motorcycles in the Indian market and the options can be very confusing.

You read up magazines, watch TV shows, scan the internet, ask a useless question to your biker friends and then ultimately decide on the one you like. Still, some of you must be in the process of choosing one. Let’s get you some help. In this post, we help you understand the types of motorcycles that are available in the Indian market.

Every motorcycle is built up for a purpose, a specific kind of riding. Be it race, or your everyday city travel, different kinds of bikes are there to suit your need.

Whenever you decide on your first bike, make sure you have a VALID DRIVING LICENCE and do visit the showroom and test it out yourself. Every bike is an investment, so you better pay attention before paying the bill.

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Types of Motorcycles

  • Economuter
  • Commuter
  • Street/Naked
  • Sport
  • Cruisers
  • Touring
  • Dirt
  • Dual-sport
  • Scooter

Types of Motorcycles #1 - Economuter - Honda Shine

Economuter Motorcycles

Economuter motorcycles are bikes made for a primary purpose – moving you without affecting your pocket. These start from 100cc engine capacity and go on up to 125cc or 135cc. Some of them get a modest design while some of them come with modern design. Entry level price, better mileage and basic design make them a very suitable option for the Indian village roads.

Types of Motorcycles #2 - Commuter - TVS Apache RTR 160

Commuter Motorcycles

Commuter motorcycles are very popular in India. There are (very) many options available in this category. From cruisers style to naked, many body types fit in this daily ride segment. Targeted to the young generation, these bikes are a tad expensive than economuters but deliver better performance, fuel efficiency also looks good while doing that. To make these bikes an attractive deal, bike manufacturers fit them with the latest technologies and modern design.

Types of Motorcycles #3 - Street-Naked - Benelli TNT 300

Street/Naked Motorcycles

In the Indian market, street and naked motorcycles come with different cubic capacities. They are found in 150cc categories as well as up to 200cc and up segments. They usually are muscular and don’t come with any fairings or windscreen or any fancy huge body kits. They expose the frame and chassis and do it with super style. They look rad and ready for business, often designed for an exciting performance and agile handling. While the sub 200cc segment Streets and Nakeds also deliver fuel efficiency, the ones above deliver exhilarating performance.

Sport Motorcycle - Yamaha YZF R15

Sport Motorcycles

Sport Motorcycles are built to deliver extreme performance and can prove their mettle on a race track. They get a lightweight frame and a high-performance engine. They may not give you the best of comfort or fuel efficiency numbers, but high-speed, great-performance, handling, and grip are where they keep you hooked. As for the Indian market, even the 150cc segment get sports-styled bikes. They don’t deliver extreme track performance, but they can easily kick the hell out of its competition.

Cruiser - Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220

Cruiser Motorcycles

Cruiser motorcycles are designed especially for comfort cruising. Comfy seats and raised handlebars are the selling points of these bikes. They don’t deliver intimidating performance, but the comfort and looks are it all. They get comparatively smaller saddle height than the other types of motorcycles which makes them a suitable option for even short-riders. So, everyday traffic cruising or long-short trips around town, Cruiser motorcycles will never let you down.

Touring BMW G 310 GS

Touring Motorcycles

Touring motorcycles are designed to address the particular needs of riders for the touring and long distance riding. These bikes usually have a large size with a pretty powerful engine, so riders can be able to bring the luggage and even a passenger with them on a journey. Because of the high engine power and big size, these motorcycles are for the learned and not beginners.

Dirt Motorcycle - Kawasaki KLX 110

Dirt Motorcycles

Dirt motorcycles are specifically built up for the off-road riding. The term off-road refers to riding on rough surfaces, gravel, sand, through river, mud, and snow. They have a higher ground clearance than other kinds of motorcycles. With a high centre of gravity and tall seat height, these bikes do well in tricky off-road situations.

Dual-sport Motorcycle - Honda CRF450L

Dual-sport Motorcycles

Based on the dirt bike chassis, dual-sport motorcycles are built up for both public roads and off-road riding. They are street legal and deliver a similar experience as dirt or touring motorcycles.

Scooter - TVS Jupiter

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Scooters are small and lightweight two-wheelers. Modern scooters get rid of the complexity of gear shifting and provide the rider with a quick ride option. They have all-enclosing bodywork and low powered engines, 50cc and above, which makes them look different and more fuel-efficient than the bikes. Scooters are a reliable choice for city roads and day-to-day jobs as they feature a lot of space to carry around things. However, they are not a suitable choice for long rides and may not perform as desired on rough roads.

Types of Motorcycles