Teaser Of Toyota's First Electric Suv

Toyota Releases Teaser of Its First New Gen Electric SUV

Toyota recently teased the public with an all-new SUV that is expected to be launched soon. According to the company, this EV SUV will be Toyota’s first new-gen fully electric SUV which will be based on its e-TNGA platform. This platform will offer the automaker to develop EVs thanks to its modular features.

The upcoming e-SUV is going to be the company’s first step into entering the EVs portfolio.

Tweet from Toyota About Electric SUV

The Japanese automaker shared a video of the sketch of the electric mid-size SUV model on Twitter on Monday (December 8, 2020). The company also released a statement on Monday that stated that Toyota will share the details about its brand new fully electric SUV in the coming months.

As seen from the tweet, it seems that the upcoming e-SUV might have the same size as that of the RAV4 SUV.

Here’s What Top Management Says

Koji Toyoshima, The Deputy Chief Officer of ZEV Factory, Toyota Motor Corporation said Toyota will soon take its next step into the electric vehicle portfolio. And the first preview of the brand new mid-sized e-SUV in a couple of months.

He also talked about their new, versatile & flexible e-TNGA platform that will help to develop EVs, which are not just electric cars but also aesthetically beautiful & visually appealing.

New EV Platform

The company claims that its new e-TNGA platform is easily adaptable for different kinds of electric product types. The platform is highly versatile and can be used to develop a range of driving modes such as front, rear or four-wheel drive along with a wide array of battery & electric motor capacities.

Toyota in House Batteries

The Japanese automaker also revealed their plan of building its own batteries in-house. With the experience of over two decades, the company has acquired the expertise to develop & evolve hybrid systems. The company is making progress to reduce the weight of the cars along with reducing the volume, manufacturing costs of batteries and enhancing the life cycle.

To help with developing low-cost batteries, Toyota has collaborated with different partners such as Panasonic. Currently, Toyota is developing new battery technologies such as solid-state batteries that are light in weight, smaller & charge up quicker than the liquid-type batteries.

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New eSUV From Toyota

Reportedly, Toyota is currently working with Subaru to develop its first-ever fully electric SUV that is going to be launched in 2022 and will be named ‘Evoltis’. The e-SUV will be manufactured at the company’s ZEV factory in Japan.