Tips to take care of car in summer

Top Tips To Treat Your Car Better This Summer

Summer is not treating any of us well. The temperature is rising and there is a new record every year. If we talk about a worldly situation of Global warming, we might find answers to these soaring temperatures. At the moment, the Sun God is concentrating all of its attention on India and its neighbouring regions. The heater is on full blast and summer season isn’t vacay anymore. While we can switch on our hi-tech aircon and forget the temperature worries, there are some who take the hit real bad. Before you take your first guess and yell ‘our vehicles’ – we are talking about animals and birds, as well.

Just a thing before we head to our topic of discussion – We request you to keep little bowls of water for birds and animals. They may poopie and peepie on your vehicles but the world won’t be as beautiful if we lose them, any one of them.

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Here are some tips you can follow to help your Car beat the heat!

Pre-summer service

Make sure that you service your car before the summer begins to pick up. It ain’t late to get your car to the service station and get the service done. Top up all kinds of fluids and replace the ones needed. The engine oil needs to be in good condition. Also, it is recommended that the coolant is replaced for the engine to perform effectively. The battery of the car also gets affected by external temperature, make sure a full check is carried out. Approach qualified professionals to get the servicing done. Avoid getting the servicing done from local mechanics you don’t know.

Clean your car for a cool drive

Give your car a thorough wash. Get the engine bay cleaned properly to get rid of dust and dirt that prevent a seamless airflow. Your filters need cleaning too. Check all connectors and couplers for leakages if you find any then get the issue resolved immediately. Give your car ample time to cool down before popping the hood for inspection.

Air Con takes the maximum heat to keep you cool

Treat it well. Get your in-car air conditioning system serviced by certified professionals. Clean all vents and air filter, also service the AC compressor and check for leakages. Don’t crank up the AC to the maximum as soon as you get inside the car. Roll the windows down for a minute or two and let the warm air escape. The heat inside will put unnecessary load on the AC system. Try and park your car in the shade whenever you can. Plant trees to help the future generation to do so.

Exterior Care

Try and cover the car every time when parked. For those who park their cars under the sky, get a good quality cover and put it to good use. There are loads of paint protection treatments available in the market. Go for good brands. Some wax coatings help you to keep your car protected from UV rays.

Also, AVOID keeping canisters of paints, cleaners, air fresheners, etc., in the car as they might not hold up well in the searing heat. Drive well under the speed limits, help your tyres perform effectively under hot conditions.

There are many things that you can do to keep your car happy in the summer. We listed some here, you can share your idea in the comments section below.