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Top Tips To Treat Your Bike Better This Summer

We take a lot of things for granted. Especially when it comes to giving or returning a favour. We haven’t spared our planet from this menacing habit leave alone the rest. Yes, we need to do something about it, not just make songs and videos about saving the planet from global warming but also something that actually saves it. One of the side effects apart from global extinction is the soaring temperature. It’s summertime and we haven’t found out a solution to get the rising temperature under control. Whenever we feel hot, we stuff ourselves in air-conditioned rooms or cars and stay happy. But when you are on a bike there’s hardly you could do anything other than speed up a bit and feel the wind cooling down your senses. This summer don’t be the one who leaves the bike parked under the sun for hours and then complains about a burnt bum while sitting on it.

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Here are some tips and tricks you could use to treat your bike better.

Summer Service Camp

Give your bike a service it needs. Check all fluids. It is recommended to replace the engine oil before summer. For bike which is oil cooled, the engine oil also acts as a cooling agent for the engine. The liquid-cooled machines need a new fill of coolant to help the engine work at maximum capacity without the stress of overheating.

Park It In Shade

That’s the least you can do to avoid bum burns. Go that extra distance and find a good parking spot under the shade. Also, plant trees to help the future generation with shade for their bikes. Parking in the shade also helps maintain the paint of the bike. There are many kinds of coatings and polishing treatments available in the market that claim to protect the paint-quality of the bike. Choose a brand wisely, refer to user reviews and not brand advertisements.

Cover The Bike Up!

For those parking their bikes in garages, this is hardly a requirement. But for those who park their bikes in the open, get your bike a good quality cover. It will not only help you keep the bike clean but also keep it tad cooler.

Cleaning Helps

Clean the bike thoroughly and get rid of all dirt and unwanted elements that get in the way of air passage through dedicated vents. Look for leakages and get them attended immediately.

Keep a check on tyre pressure and ride at recommended speed limits. Heat also affects tyre pressure and can cause accidents if the rubber is pushed to its limits.

There are many such things that you can do to keep your bike in better condition in summers. If you have some tips or tricks to share do put them up in the comments section!