Tesla Model 3 Electric Vehicle

Tesla Is Entering The Indian Market In Early 2021: Nitin Gadkari

Nitin Gadkari, the Minister for Road Transport and Highways stated on December 28 (Monday) at the Indian Express Idea Exchange programme that Tesla, the US EV manufacturing company, will enter the Indian market in early 2021 and start its operations here.

Manufacturing EVs In India

According to Nitin Gadkari, Tesla is planning to start its operations in the Indian market with only sales. And later, it might consider establishing its assembly or manufacturing units – depending on the kind of response its EVs receive here.

Later on, Gadkari commented on the current scenario of the EVs in India and said that many Indian OEMs are already working on fully battery-powered vehicles which would be eco-friendly. He also mentioned that in around five years, India can become the leading auto manufacturing hub.

What Is Tesla Bringing With Its Inception In India?

According to the latest report, the US EV manufacturing company is planning to bring its most affordable & the best-selling EV – Tesla Model 3 – to the Indian market in the first quarter of FY 2021-22. Customers will be able to book Model 3 from next month (January 2021). Elon Musk tweeted about entering Tesla in India in October 2020.

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Tesla’s Sales Model In India

After entering the Indian market, Tesla is going to use the same direct sales model as it is using in other countries. The company will rely on digital sales rather than choosing any dealers in India. Tesla is planning to import the EVs via CBU route. R&D Facility of Tesla In India

Tesla is currently in talks with the Government of India to set up its R&D facility in Bengaluru – according to the reports, two such rounds of discussions have taken place till date. According to some other reports, the first facility of Tesla is likely to be set up in either Maharashtra or Kerala.

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Price of Tesla In India

The company might price the cars from Rs 55 lakh onwards. It seems very likely that Indian Tesla fans can have special celebrations this new year and can start saving to purchase the EV of their dreams.