Ensure Safe Cab Journey

How To Ensure Safe And Problem-free Cab Journeys?

In the present world, we often hear about mishaps occurring during cab rides. Some of these unfortunate cases might include robberies, misconduct with the cab driver, and the like. Such incidents are, unfortunately, on the rise. It is, therefore, highly necessary to become familiar with how to conduct oneself while on a cab ride. Let us see what one should do and what one should not to ensure an enjoyable and safe cab journey.

The things you should do as a cab rider

First and foremost, safety is a personal responsibility. Every unwanted situation that arises demands you take all the necessary precautions and act in a way that will keep you safe. There are many safety tools and gear available in the market that help you do so. Some are portable while some are cumbersome to carry in your bags which leaves you ruffling through your purses and bags, while in a compromising situation. So be sure of what you carry and how you carry it.

Now let’s discuss how to make your cab routines safer.

1. Always verify the license number of the cab you hired

It happens to be one of the most crucial things that every cab rider needs to know. All cab riders, regardless of the distance they are travelling, be it a couple or several miles, ought to verify the license number of their hired cabs.

In case the license number of the cab before a customer does not match the number of the cab that they booked, they should never board it. It could turn out to be a case of theft and fraud. So, it is better to take preemptive measures rather than regret one’s actions later.

2. Verify the route that your cab driver is taking

You may not be familiar with the route that leads to your destination. In such cases, you should have a basic idea about the paths that might lead to your destination before you board a cab. Your cab driver might take you to a different location under the pretence of making a shortcut. It is one of the many ways fraudsters loot cab riders of their money and other valuables.

3. Notify someone you trust about the cab license number before boarding

It is all right if you are worried that something unfortunate could happen to you during a cab ride. Such cases have occurred before. But, one way to avoid such circumstances is to click a picture of the license number of the cab you are about to board. You can then share the photograph with a friend or family member.

Doing this in front of the cab driver and before boarding the ride will make the cab driver think twice before doing anything nasty. This way, one can decrease the probability of car robberies (and other criminal activities) to a great extent.

4. Ensure that you are ready when the cab arrives

You have booked a cab, and you are waiting for the cab driver to give you a call when they arrive. Nothing feels off, right? But, if you keep your cab driver waiting for a long time getting ready or doing some other job, that is not a good thing to do. After all, nobody likes to keep waiting! So, ensure that you are all set to go when the cab comes to pick you up.

That would not only make you appear courteous but also save a great deal of money that you would otherwise have to pay the cab driver for waiting for you.

5. You can show some generosity to your cab driver

What would you do if you were extremely late and your cab driver saved your job by dropping you at your location just in time? Would you only pay the fare and leave? Well, there is nothing ethically wrong with doing so. But, you could show a gesture of appreciation by tipping the cab driver for helping you when you were in a pinch.

6. Remember to take all your belongings along with you

Cab rides are quite fun, right! But, it would be a bother if you forgot something important in the cab. While people do get back their belongings in most cases, the process can be time taking. The driver could be with some other passenger in some other part of the city. So, the situation might turn out to be bothersome for you.

7. Ensure that your mobile phone has a sufficient battery

Well, your cab might indeed provide you with the option of charging your mobile phone. But what if it does not? You cannot leave it up to the cab driver to help you with a portable charger.

To ensure that you do not get stuck in an emergency, you must have sufficient battery levels in your mobile phone. If you happen to be in a hurry, you could ask your cab driver beforehand for a portable charger. If the driver does not have one, you could arrange for something else.

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8. Keep prepared a few contacts to call in case of an emergency

It is always advisable to keep a list of contacts on your phone that you can call immediately. This measure helps you when you are in an emergency and cannot waste any time.

The best way to manage such situations is to keep a few contacts you trust on the speed dial. The other way is to know how to set off the SOS signal on your phone. Nowadays, all mobile phones have such features. You can ask your friends to help if you are unfamiliar with it.

The things you shouldn’t do as a cab rider

1. Don’t give the idea that you have valuables on you

When you are in a cab, your attire should not portray you as a super-rich person. You must be thinking, “What could go wrong?” Well, there is a reason why we urge you not to give off those extremely rich vibes. If your driver knows that you have valuables on you, they could try to rob you.

While we are not saying that that is always the case, there is no point in willingly creating unfavourable situations for yourself.

2. Don’t do anything inappropriate in the cab, such as smoking or drinking

One should not do inappropriate things like smoking, or drinking, amongst other things, when riding a cab.

Firstly, it is not good to smoke in public spaces. Secondly, if you are inside the cab, you expose the cab driver to passive smoke. Thirdly, if you drink inside the cab and do something inappropriate, it could result in an accident.

To ensure your safety and that of the cab driver (and other passengers, if any), you should follow appropriate behaviour.

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3. Don’t disturb the driver unnecessarily

While it is understandable that you might want to know about the route and its details, badgering the driver with questions might not be a good idea.

When you ask the cab driver a question, they would have to focus on your question. In the process, their attention becomes diverted between you and the road. It could lead to an accident. Therefore, you might not want to disturb the driver unless necessary.

4. Don’t be rash with the driver

You might not like the way the cab driver is driving the car. You might want to tell the driver about your inconvenience. In such cases, you can ask the driver to go carefully.

If the driver does not pay you any heed, request them to pull over. You can, then, leave the cab and take another one. But, you must not become aggressive with the driver while they are driving. Doing so can distract the driver, and that might not have any positive outcome.

5. Avoid sitting in the passenger seat

Many people like to sit only in the passenger seat. We know that it allows them to see the view without any obstruction. At the same time, it might allow the driver to act inappropriately with the passenger.

The best way to avoid any such situation is to sit in the back seat. Indeed, sitting in the back seat does not entirely separate you from the driver’s reach, but still, it does create some distance. Moreover, while you are in the back seat, you can have your phone ready and call for help, should the necessity arise.

6. Don’t go for a cab ride that does not have a meter or a badge

Imagine that you are getting late for a crucial meeting. You saw a person claiming to provide a cab service. But, the car does not have a meter, and the driver also does not have a badge. Since you are getting so late, you might want to hop in without delay.

That is what you should always try to avoid. The person claiming to be a cab driver might be a con trying to dupe you. So, you can always judge such persons by asking them for their badge, license, and such things.

7. Avoid taking all the cabs that come your way

You can try to hire cabs via call. There are dedicated cab services that one can book via phone calls. One should also try to avoid cabs that are available without booking. While not all of those cab drivers are fraudsters, one can never tell! You can be on the safer side by taking a cab that you can trust.

The pointers mentioned above are some of the dos and don’ts that people travelling by cabs can take note of to have a safe and enjoyable journey.