Mg Hector Plus

MG Motor To Introduce Seven-Seat Model of Hector Plus in January 2021

MG Motor has made its name stronger in the Indian automobile market with its latest offering – the Hector Plus. And now, the company is all set to launch the seven-seat version of Hector Plus in India in January 2021, as confirmed by the company on Friday (December 18).

The current Hector Plus variant was launched in India earlier this year and has a six-seat layout in which the middle-row seats as Captain seats.

Features of Hector Plus

Hector Plus is a successor of the Hector model of MG, the debut car of the company in the Indian market in 2019. Compared to the Hector model, Hector Plus has a larger seating capacity.

Apart from the features of the Hector variant, the Hector Plus offers unique features that stand out from the Hector. Such as a bigger grille, its unique LED DRL style, lesser chrome on its exterior design and a new skid plate.

Apart from the exterior upgrades, the Hector Plus has also upgraded its interior with a new iSmart infotainment system and a double-tone upholstery to give it a new look.

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Seven-Seat Model of Hector Plus

A new seven-seat model of the Hector Plus was in the talk a little too much almost since its launch in the Indian market. Yes, to some, the current six-seat layout might look more prominent and premium. However, the new seven-seat model with three-row layout will make the Hector Plus more suitable for bigger families.

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Bad News Regarding Hector Plus

Among all the talks about the newer model of the Hector Plus, there’s news about the price revision of the MG’s cars in India. Just like other automobile makers in India, MG Motor is going to lay out a price revision in January 2021 across all its products in the Indian market.

The hike in prices is estimated to be 3%, depending on the model of the car. The company is blaming miscellaneous costs to be the cause of the hike in the prices of its products.