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Kia Motors Takes Significant Role In Developing Military Vehicles

On 28th October, Kia Motors Corporation unveiled its plan to the public about its major role in the development of combat vehicles for the Korean Government. As per the company, these combat vehicles could be more efficient, reliable and swift mobility solutions for the future conflict zones.

Kia Motors has announced that the company is planning to start manufacturing mid-sized standard combat vehicles’ prototypes. The company will then send these combat vehicles to the South Korean Government in 2021 for evaluation.

Combat Vehicles Development Program

Kia Motors is currently developing mid-sized standard combat vehicles as a result of its joint investment with the Korean Military. The company has also informed that the currently used 2.5-tonne and 5-tonne combat vehicles might get replaced with the development of 5-tonne bullet-proof combat vehicles and by this joint program.

About The Ongoing Combat Vehicles Development

Kia Motors has stated that its military standard platform will help them to develop specialized vehicles that can offer the latest commercial technologies.

What Does That Mean?

The above statement means that the newly developed combat vehicles will include a 7 litre, high-torque diesel engine. The vehicle would also be equipped with Anti-braking system (ABS), automatic transmission systems, anti-spin regulator (ASR), satellite navigation system, rear parking assist, and much more.

Kia Motors Developing ATVs

The company will also be focusing on an All-Terrain Vehicle or ATV. Kia Motors is planning a prototype around early 2021. The ATVs which are going to be developed will not only be suitable for military applications but also for industrial and leisure purposes. The automaker will be using the bare chassis of the Kia Mohave SUV.

Kia Supplied Multiple Military Vehicles To South Korean Military

Kia Motors has already produced multiple military vehicles for the Korean and Foreign Military. They have produced 0.25 tonne, 1.25 tonne, 2.5-tonne and 5-tonne combat vehicles.

Till now, the company has supplied a total of nine different models and 100 derivatives. Along with this, the company has manufactured 140,000 total military vehicles. All these combat vehicles also include the first-ever multi-purpose tactical vehicle of South Korea, which is loaded with automatic transmission, powerful engine, and braking system from Kia’s Mohave model.

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Kia Motors’ Future Plans of Military Vehicles

Kia Motors is keen on providing better combat vehicle mobility solutions, which is why it is exploring hydrogen fuel cell technology across different military applications. This also includes emergency power generators along with fuel cell-powered vehicles.

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Is Kia Motors Saying Goodbye To SUV and Passenger Vehicles?

No, in contrast to that Kia Motors has stated that it will use its knowledge from the development of military vehicles and to continue growing its SUV brand reputation and build improved durability SUVs.