Off Road Summer

Jeep Off-Roaders Guide! How To Prepare For The Mud This Summer!

There’s nothing better than the first splash of summer. For most people, this brings to mind a vision of poolside enjoyment, but for Jeep enthusiasts, it’s all about the mud. Spring showers may have passed, but summer is the perfect time for muddy fun and off-road adventures. You just need to make sure that your Jeep is up to the job by upgrading its accessories. If you’re wondering what Jeep Wrangler upgrades JK you might need, consider the following items. It’s important to have the right wheels and accessories in order to ensure that all of your off-road excursions are safe. You can even enhance your experience with some key accessory upgrades.

Upgraded Rims and Tires

Upgrading your Jeep wheels is one of the most effective ways to get the most out of a day spent mudding. You should invest in tires that are all-terrain rated and feature a tread with an open pattern. This pattern is most commonly seen in L4 and L5 tires, and it’s ideal because it allows mud to clear more effectively. Other tire tread patterns, conversely, may allow mud to accumulate in the voids of your lugs, which will impede your ability to gain traction. This can be unsafe, so it’s imperative to look for the right tires before you venture into a mud pit.

It should be noted, too, that the width of your tire plays an important role in its performance during mudding. The wider your wheels, the more likely the tires are to achieve flotation in fluid conditions. If you plan to tackle a hard off-road surface such as rock or solid dirt after mudding, keep in mind that wider tires may not match the impressive performance of tires that are narrower. You shouldn’t overlook the importance of your Jeep’s rims, too. Many sources recommend aluminium wheels because they are durable, resistant to impact, and unlikely to rust. Steel wheels are a good option, too, but they generally aren’t as lightweight.

Mud Accessories

When you’re looking for Jeep CJ7 parts to prepare for mudding season, there are a few key components you don’t want to miss. Mudflaps, of course, can help to catch mud and prevent it from getting all over your Jeep. For even better protection, you should consider investing in a brush guard that can guard your Jeep’s exterior against any obstacles that could damage its exterior in off-road conditions. In addition to the brush, you might come into contact with branches, rocks, and other debris that could leave scratches and dents.

A brush guard creates a buffer of clearance that prevents any such damage from occurring, and nerf bars serve a similar purpose. In addition to shielding your Jeep from debris, nerf bars make it easier to enter a Jeep, too. Perhaps most importantly, though, they offer an opportunity to clean off the bottoms of your shoes before entering – thus minimizing the amount of dirt and mud that you’ll track into your Jeep’s interior. This is ideal when you’re covered in mud.