Hero Lectro F6i Smart E Cycle

Hero Lectro Launched F6i Smart e-Cycle In India

A division of Hero Cycles – Hero Lectro – recently launched F6i, a smart e-cycle in the Indian market with a price tag of Rs 49,000. The F6i gained some popularity among people when it was first introduced at the Motor Show 2020, and since then it has borne a lot of expectations.

Features of F6i Smart e-Cycle

Battery and Technologies

The F6i is a 7-geared smart eCycle that gets its power from lithium batteries and uses a rear hub motor. In terms of technologies, the e-bike features a long-range battery along with an iSmart app that easily connects with Bluetooth devices and a USB charging port.

The new smart eCycle from Hero is truly a futuristic two-wheeler mobility solution that targets the young generation of cyclists and people who love to ride the bike for recreational, adventure and fun activities.

The eBike features a Kenda K Shield technology that enhances the life and quality of the tyres and the Dual Disc Brakes on the eBike makes it quite safe to ride on tough terrains.

Range & Design

The F6i features an agile frame and with a detachable battery that can help the rider to ride for 60 km in just one charge. The eBike gets stylish and luxurious design and is available in various trendy and energetic colours, which include yellow and black.

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Here’s What The Company Has To Say

The company says that this is the best time for the smart eBike to be launched in the Indian market when people are more leaned towards bicycles owing to the current COVID19 pandemic.

The current trend of the Indian market shows that people are more likely to purchase cheap and personal mobility solutions and the F6i eBike is one of the most viable and smart options. One more reason for the eBike’s popularity is the growing concern for the environment among people. More and more people are looking for alternative solutions to petrol and diesel-based vehicles.

The hero is hoping that the F6i will grow fast in the market where there is an increasing demand for premium eBikes. Aditya Munjal, the CEO of Hero Lectro, said that the F6i bores energetic colours and will be a great addition to their electric bicycle portfolio.