High Security Registration Plate Digram

What Is A High Security Registration Plate (HSRP)?

The government of India has made it mandatory that every vehicle sold on or after 1st April 2019 to be pre-fitted with high security registration plate. Earlier it was possible to customize the registration number plates with colour, language and font of your own choice. All of these came to an end when the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways made amendments in the Central Motor Vehicle rules 1989. The government of India looks forward to curbing vehicle theft and easy tracking of lost or stolen vehicles through this amendment. These plates will have a uniform pattern throughout the whole country.

As per the new rule, the vehicle manufacturer has to provide these high security registration plates or HSRPs to the dealers along with the vehicle. The dealer will then stamp the allotted registration number on the plates and fix them to your vehicle. The rule also states that the cost of HSRP and the cost of affixing it should be included in the vehicle price and no additional fee should be charged for it. In addition, the HSRP comes with a guarantee of five years. So if it is damaged or the numbers fade away, you can get a free replacement at the dealer who fixed it for you.

High Security Registration Plate Digram

The High Security Registration Number Plates are made of aluminium and come with reflective tapes. They are hot-stamped with a chromium-based hologram of the Ashok Chakra in Blue on the top-left corner. At the bottom-left corner, a 10-digit permanent identification number (PIN) is etched with a laser. In the middle of the chakra hologram and the laser code, ‘IND’ is inscribed in Blue.

‘IND’ is inscribed in font size 10, font type Arial Bold and colorBlue at an angle of 45-degree in hot stamping foil across all letters and numbers on the plate. HSRPs are fixed with the help of two nonremovable Snap-On locks, which, unlike ordinary nut and bolts, when tried to remove will become non-useable.

Besides the front and rear registration plates, a chromium hologram sticker with high refractive index is affixed on the bottom-left corner of the windshield from the inside. This self-destructive sticker is the third registration plate that contains details like the 10-digit PIN, the actual registration number, the engine and chassis numbers, the date of first registration of the vehicle and the name of the registering authority.

The third registration plates or the hologram sticker should have an orange background colour for diesel vehicles, light blue for petrol and CNG and grey for others.

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Advantages of High Security Registration Plates

  • Older number plates are very easy to tamper with. The first thing that a thief does after stealing the vehicle is to remove or change the number-plates. HSRPs are difficult to remove or to tamper with.
  • Some customize the number-plates in such a way that it becomes difficult to read for anyone including the police. The HSRPs are easier to read even from a particular distance.
  • Most of the old data regarding registration are handled manually which also pose a chance of discrepancies. HSRPs will create a national database for all the vehicles in the country. All the unique information including engine number will be present in the national database.