Cow-dung coated car

She Used Cow-dung To Keep Her Car Cool!

In India, village people often apply cow-dung on their house window, floor and walls to keep the climate cool within the house in burning hot season and warm in winters. This is a very common use of cow-dung in rural India. However, a woman from Ahmedabad, Gujrat has come up with a very interesting idea to use it.

A housewife Sejal Shah, used this natural air-conditioner to keep her car cool. She coated her sedan, Toyota Corolla Altis completely with cow-dung and rangoli like designs on edges. No surprise that her car becomes an eye-catcher on the road and the images of it are going viral on the internet.

Sejal Shah said, “It not only keeps my car cool but also helps in preventing pollution. The harmful gases that are released while we use car AC increase the temperatures and contribute to global warming. I drive my car switching off the AC as the cow-dung keeps it cool,”.

She also stated that “I got this idea as I used to put cow-dung on the floor and walls of my house. It keeps the house cool. Hence I decided to put it over my car,”.