Once upon a time, a dog biting a man was considered to be news. Later on, as and when the audience got demanding, and the media went mad, it wasn’t enough to keep them news so dry and uninteresting. Then came the trend of humans biting dogs, thus keeping the news panels hot and happening. But, as time went on, this had to change again and to do so, humans decided to team up with the dogs to bite the donkeys. Well, that actually turned out to be chaos.

The press, news folks, channels, started to fabricate their own stories in order to keep the audience engaged. And we are well aware of the current uncool situation.

What was a weapon that could change the world for good is now used to bring it down with utmost stupidity?

Yes, we’re a news website. However, we do not have loud voices, stupid opinions, or story-making machines. We’re ToenTo, we bring you to the world and the world to you, as is.